Steer Axle Eye Repair

Carolina Axle Surgeons® can repair worn steer axle eyes on your site on your truck.

We can custom fit most makes and models, even obsoletes.

Many current axle repair methods require the axle to be removed and result in extended down time.

The Carolina Axle Surgeons precision machining process is done with the axle on the vehicle which saves time time and money.

Carolina Axle Surgeons Axle Eye repair process restores your axle eye to original dimensions with a precision fit repair.

The Carolina Axle Surgeons precision process leaves the axle eye in superior condition resulting in less tire wear and better steering and alignment. 

And Carolina Axle Surgeons is fast!  The Carolina Axle Surgeon  process will have your vehicle ready to go in just a few hours.

Get back on the road fast with a high quality, economical axle repair from Carolina Axle Surgeons.


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